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Oklahoma Court Facts | ABOUT COURTFACTS
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The Scandal

Until the 1960s, Oklahoma judges obtained positions on the bench by running in contested party elections. Then, in 1965, a bribery scandal involving three Oklahoma Supreme Court justices came to light. Ultimately, Justice N.S. Corn testified that he took a bribe of $150,000 to orchestrate the reversal of a tax case for an Oklahoma business. Of the $150,000, he paid $7,500 each to two other justices to secure their votes. The cover story, if needed, was that the funds were for campaign expenses. All three justices were jailed, impeached or resigned. The events garnered national attention. Newsweek magazine called Oklahoma’s system “Cash and Carry Justice.” Time magazine proclaimed that “little in U.S. judicial history comes close to matching this scandal.”

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We must be prepared to protect our courts and protect our rights.


Oklahomans must be strong in protecting and preserving Oklahoma’s fair and impartial court system. There are many steps each of us can take to help. Call or write to your representatives in the Oklahoma House and Senate. Tell your friends and neighbors that we must keep our proven JNC system that provides us with fair and qualified judges.

  • Impartial Judges

    Fair and impartial judges are critical to keeping Oklahoma’s
    legal system fair and impartial.

  • Impartial Courts

    Fair and impartial courts work to promote equal justice under the law and protect individual rights.

  • Branch Separation

    The judicial branch must be separate from and equal to the executive and legislative branches of government, special interest groups and political parties.

  • Judicial Freedom

    Judges must be free to decide cases based on the laws and the Constitution without fear of retaliation for the decisions they make.

  • Fair Judicial System

    Judges shouldn’t be told how to decide, and neither should you!