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Oklahoma Court Facts | Background Info
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A book published in 2015 that shares never-before-published facts of the Supreme Court scandal of the 1960s and details the citizens’ passage of sweeping court reform that has produced a successful and scandal-free judicial system for nearly 50 years.

By Bob Burke – To order the book, email the author at

A book published in 1996 that chronicles the corruption of Oklahoma’s Supreme Court in the 1960s with bribes in the form of campaign contributions.

By Justice William A. Berry and James Edwin Alexander

The only national organization that focuses exclusively on keeping courts fair and impartial.  A nonpartisan national partnership of more than 50 organizations.

A 2013-14 report that examines the influence of money and politics on state Supreme Court elections across the U.S.  Produced by Justice at Stake, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law and the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

A paper that examines the early Oklahoma judiciary, the push for judicial reform, the Supreme Court scandal of the 1960s and the eventual reform of the Oklahoma judiciary.

By Phillip Simpson, Cameron University – October 1994 from the Oklahoma State University Library