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Oklahoma Court Facts | What Others are Saying
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“The passage of this bill, and measures like it, will undo years of damage control that we sought to correct from the 1960’s scandals that first brought to light what happens when Oklahoma’s highest court can be bought.”

By Julie Knutson – Published April 19, 2016 in the Tulsa World

The Legislature finally may get its say in how appellate judges are selected if a measure passed by the House also clears the Senate and is signed off on by the governor.

Published March 7, 2016 in the Tulsa World

For a variety of reasons, lawmakers are considering reform of Oklahoma’s judicial nominating process this year.

By The Oklahoman Editorial Board – Published March 6, 2016, in The Oklahoman

In a book whose title I have long since forgotten, professor Sanford Levinson compared the U.S. Constitution to Ulysses’ pact with the crew of his ship, to bind him to the ship’s mast as it transported him past the Sirens.

By James C. Milton – Published March 2, 2016 in The Journal Record

“Before court reform, judges ran in open elections—anybody could run for office. They were totally dependent on lawyers’ contributions to their campaigns. It was a rotten political system.”

By Cullen D. Sweeney – Published Feb. 26, 2016 on NonDoc

Justice at Stake Interim Executive Director Liz Seaton issued a statement today in response to an Oklahoma House Committee’s advancement of a measure (HJR 1037). This bill proposes to end merit selection for the state’s appellate courts and replace that system with contested elections for appellate court judges.

Posted Feb. 11, 2016 by Justice at Stake

Oklahomans forget — or some never knew — what came before our current judicial system, a dark era when justice was for sale and bribes flowed to fix votes on the Supreme Court.

By Julie DelCour
 – Published March 8, 2015 in the Tulsa World

Contact your senator today and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 3162.  Urge your family and friends to do the same.